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1. USA has asked India to reduce its dependence on crude oil supply from which of the following countries which is also a member of OPEC?
1) Venezuela
2) Iraq
3) Libya
4) Iran
5) Nigeria

2. Which of the following is the most essential financial service which should be provided to the poor people to bring them into the network of financial inclusion?
1) Insurance for life
2) Investment plan for future
3) Pension for old age
4) A bank account where he/she can save small amount
5) Health insurance for minor illnesses and hospitalisation in case of need

3. Who among the following is the president of a country at present?
1) Rupert Murdoch
2) Ban ki-moon
3) Yoshihiko Noda
4) Nicolas Sarkozy
5) None of these

4. What does tha letter F denote in 'NBFCs', a term seen very frequently in banking world these days?
1) Formal
2) Fiscal
3) Federal
4) Functional
5) Financial

5. Who among the following is the Deputy Governor of the RBI at present?
1) Sunil Mitra
2) Azim Premji
3) HR Khan
4) Sushma Nath
5) None of these

6. Standard and Poor's is a Credit Rating Agency of international repute. Which of the following is one such agency of Indian origin?
1) IBA

7. Who among the following is the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh at present?
1) Akhilesh Yadav
2) Mulayam Singh Yadav
3) Mayawati
4) Amar Singh
5) None of these

8. Coin of which of the following denominations is called Small Coin?
1) Rs.1
2) Rs.2
3) Rs.5
4) 50 paise
5) Rs.10

9. Which of the following is not a highlight of the Union Budget 2012-13?
1) No change in the rate of Corporate Tax.
2) All types of loans upto `35 lakh will be given on 6% interest only.
3) Service Tax raised from 10% to 12%.
4) Fiscal Deficit is targeted at 5.1% of GDP.
5) Substantial increase in Defence Budget.

10. Which of the following services products of banks is specially designed and launched to help students?
1) Personal loan
2) Corporate loan
3) Business loan
4) Medical loan
5) Education loan

11. Which of the following terms is not directly associated with the functioning of RBI?
1) Open Market Operations
2) Cash Reserve Ratio
4) Liquidity Adjustment Facility
5) Public Debt Office

12. Which of the following is one of the major activities of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)?
1) On-site inspection of Cooperative Banks and Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)
2) Helping Govt of India in preparing Union Budget and presenting it in the cabinet meeting.
3) Acting as custodian of the foreign exchange reserves of the country.
4) Deciding rate of interest on Savings Bank Accounts in Public Sector Banks.
5) Representing India in World Bank and other such agencies.

13. Dipika, who won Crocodile Challenge Cup Finals, in December 2011, is a famous
1) Badminton player
2) Table Tennis player
3) Lawn Tennis player
4) Chess player
5) Squash player

14. Who among the following is the recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature given in 2011?
1) Bruce A Beutler
2) V S Naipaul
3) Thomas Transtromer
4) Ralph M Steinman
5) Chetan Bhagat

15. The 59th National Film Award for Best Actress was given to
1) Vidya Balan
2) Kareena Kapoor
3) Priyanka Chopra
4) Lara Dutta
5) Roopa Ganguly

16. Which of the following is the abbreviated name of the body/ agency set up to boost foreign investments in India?

17. Which of the following is not considered infrastructural sector of the economy?
1) Electricity
2) Textile Sector
3) Telecom
4) Cement
5) Road and Railways

18. Sachin Tendulkar made his 100th century in the match played between India and
1) Pakistan
2) England
3) Australia
4) Bangladesh
5) Sri Lanka

19. Who among the following was awarded Padma Vibhushan in 2012?
1) TV Rajeswar
2) Aruna Irani
3) AR Rahman
4) Shabana Azmi
5) Anup Jalota

20. Which of the following countries is a member of BRICs?
1) Bhutan
2) Iran
3) Romania
4) Sudan
5) South Africa

21. Which of the following countries has recently placed its first space lab 'Tiangong-1' into orbit?
1) North Korea
2) Japan
3) India
4) France
5) China

22. Who among the following is the Solicitor General of India at present?
1) Jacob Mathew
2) Rohinton Nariman
3) Gopal Subramaniam
4) Ashok Chawla
5) None of these

23. Which of the following schemes has been launched by the Govt of India to motivate school children to attend school regularly?
1) Kutir Jyoti
2) Mid-Day Meal
4) RAY
5) Bharat Nirman

24. As per the news published in various newspapers, govt is planning to set up a regulatory body in educational field especially for
1) Higher Education
2) Medical Education
3) Elementary Education
4) Secondary Education
5) Adult Education

25. Which of the following countries has been selected as the host of Commonwealth Games 2018?
1) India
2) Australia
3) Pakistan
4) South Africa
5) Sri Lanka

26. France has agreed to supply 'Rafale' to India. The deal is about the supply of
1) Warships
2) RADAR system
3) Fighter Aircrafts
4) Nuclear Reactors
5) Submarines

27. Seychelles, where China is going to set up its new military base, is a country in the
1) Bay of Bengal
2) China Sea
3) Indian Ocean
4) Red Sea
5) Caspian Sea

28. Which of the following terms is used in the field of economics?
1) Absolute Zero
2) Molecular Equation
3) Zero Point Energy
4) Balance of Payment
5) Mass Defect

29. ' Kyoto Protocol', an agreement signed by various countries, is associated with the field of
1) International trade
2) Clean environment and climate change.
3) Currency swap.
4) Deep sea mining and oil exploration.
5) Building a common food stock to save mankind in case of any natural calamity.

30. World AIDS Day is observed on which of the following days?
1) 1st December
2) 1st March
3) 1st April
4) 1st May
5) 1st January

31. USA decided to withdraw its army from which of the following countries after a nine-year long stay?
1) Afghanistan
2) Libya
3) Egypt
4) Iraq
5) Iran

32. Which of the following cups/trophies is associated with the game of Lawn Tennis?
1) FIFA Cup
2) Champions Trophy
3) Ranji Trophy
4) Subroto Cup
5) Davis Cup

33. Which award is given to the coaches of sportspersons?
1) Dronacharya Award
2) Arjun Award
3) Kalidas Samman
4) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
5) Saraswati Samman

34. Which of the following terms is used in the game of Cricket?
1) Heave
2) Silly point
3) Tee
4) Smash
5) Grand Slam

35. Anew nuclear power plant is being set up in which of the following places in India?
1) Amethi
2) Firozabad
3) Jaitapur
4) Joshi Math
5) Satna

36. Which of the following schemes has been launched to make cities of India slumfree?
1) Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
2) Bharat Nirmal
3) Rajiv Awas Yojana
4) Indira Awas Yojana
5) None of these

37. Who among the following is a famous author of Indian origin?
1) Homi K Bhabha
2) Kiran Desai
3) Swati A Piramal
4) Shabana Azmi
5) Ronen Sen

38. Who among the following has written the famous book Malgudi Days?
1) VS Naipaul
2) Deepak Chopra
3) Rabindranath Tagore
4) Vijay Tendulkar
5) RK Narayan

39. Which of the following is NOT the name of the currency of a country?
1) Rand
2) Pound
3) Dinar
4) Ecuador
5) Dollar

40. Which of the following is the unit of heat?
1) Joule
2) Ohm
3) Ampere
4) Volt
5) Newton


1. 4; 2. 4; 3. 4; 4. 5; 5. 3; 6. 5; 7. 1; 8. 4; 9. 2; 10. 5;
11. 3; 12. 1; 13. 5; 14. 3; 15. 1; 16. 3; 17. 2; 18. 4; 19. 1; 20. 5;
21. 5; 22. 2; 23. 2 24. 1; 25. 2; 26. 2; 27. 3; 28. 4; 29. 2; 30. 1;
31. 4; 32. 5; 33. 1; 34. 2; 35. 3; 36. 3; 37. 2; 38. 5; 39. 4; 40. 1;

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State Bank of India (SBI) Recruitment of 300 Special Management Executive (Banking) Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts:
1. Special Management Executive (Banking) - MMGS III: 165 Posts
2. Special Management Executive (Banking) - MMGS II: 135 Posts
: CA/ ICWA/ ACS/ MBA/ MMS/ PGDBA/ PGPM/ PGDM. (The course should be of 2 years full time duration. Courses completed through correspondence/ part-time are not eligible. The institute should be recognised/ approved by Govt., Govt. bodies/ AICTE). 

Applications Fee: Rs. 100/- for SC/ ST candidates and Rs. 500/- for General and others candidates. 

Selection Procedure: Selection of candidates will be on the basis of examination, group discussion and interview.

Phase I: Online examination consisting objective test for 200 marks and descriptive test for 50 marks. Both the tests will be online. Candidates will be required to answer their descriptive test also online.

Test pattern:
Objective Test: Online
Sl. No.
Test Details
No of Questions
Banking Knowledge
120 Minutes
Data Interpretation & Analysis
General Awareness
Descriptive Test: Online
English Language Test: (Letter Writing & Essay)
75 Minutes

Phase II: Group Discussion (20 Marks) & Interview (30) Marks.

How to Apply: Candidates can apply online only. 

Important Dates:
  • Opening date of online registration 24-July-2014
  • Closing date of online registration 11-Aug-2014
  • Payment of fee (Online): 24-July-2014 to 11-Aug-2014
  • Payment of fee (Offline): 26-July-2014 to 13-Aug-2014
  • Date of written examination 19-Sept-2014

For more details, please visit:

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Kerala Gramin Bank (KGB) Recruitment of 683 Officer Posts

Kerala Gramin Bank (KGB) invites online applications for the posts of Officers in Junior Management Scale I (Assistant Managers) and Office Assistants (Multipurpose) cadres for those who have qualified at the Online CWE for RRBs conducted by IBPS during September/ October 2013.
  1. Officer Junior Management Scale – I (Assistant Manager): 253 Posts
    Qualification: i). Bachelor degree of a recognised university in any discipline or its equivalent. Preference will be given to the candidates having degree in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Engineering, Pisciculture, Agricultural Marketing and Cooperation, Information Technology, Management, Law, Economics and Accountancy. ii). Computer knowledge or awareness will be an added qualification. 
  2. Office Assistant (Multipurpose): 430 Posts
    Qualification: i). Bachelor degree of a recognised university in any discipline or its equivalent. ii). Knowledge of Computer Skills. 
Age (As on 01/07/2013): 18-28 years

Applications Fee: Rs.20/- for SC/ ST/ PWD candidates and Rs. 100/- for all others.

How to Apply: Candidates can apply online only.

Important Dates:
  • Opening date of online registration 23-July-2014
  • Closing date of online registration 11-Aug-2014
For more details, please visit:  


1. Computer audit involves review of ____
a) Established policies
b) Efficiency of operations
c) Checking of data integrity
d) a, b, c
e) None of these

2. Which of the following is not available in Font Spacing?
a) Normal
b) Loosely
c) Condensed
d) Expanded
e) None of these

3. Dynamic Adhoc Wireless Networks (DAWN) usually come under?
a) 2G
b) 3G
c) 4G
d) 5G
e) None of these

4. Which of the following is Not a characteristic of e-mail?
a) Low cost
b) Record maintenance in data base
c) High speed
d) Waste reduction
e) None of these

5. Which of the following is not an example of hard ware?
a) Scanner
b) Printer
c) Mouse
d) Monitor
e) Interpreter

6. A magnetic strip is fixed on the back of the cards, which holds information about the customer such as his account number etc also contains his:
a) Personal Identification Number
b) Address
c) Age
d) Occupation
e) None

7. What is used in most programs that is a part of program and guides the user through certain steps?
a) Wizard
b) Software
c) Wiki
d) Hardware
e) None of these

8. Which one of the following input device is user-programmable?
a) Dumb terminal
b) Smart terminal
c) VDT
d) Intelligent terminal
e) None of these

9. The most frequently used instructions of a computer program are likely to be fetched from?
a) The hard disk
b) Cache memory
c) RAM
d) Registers
e) None

10. In Excel, this is a prerecorded formula that provides a shortcut for complex calculations?
a) Value
b) Data Series
c) Function
d) Field
e) None of these

11. The secondary storage devices can only store data but they cannot perform?
a) Arithmetic Operation
b) Logic operation
c) Fetch operations
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

12. The One-time password (OTPs) can be obtained by a customer, via which among the following?
a) Approaching the nearest Bank Branch
b) e-mail by applying for OTP online
c) SMS on Mobile
d) All of the above
e) None of these

13. The ____ component is used by the data analyst to create the queries that access the database?
a) Data extraction
b) End User Presentation Tool
c) Data store
d) End User Query Tool
e) None Of These

14. Which of the following is used To access a mainframe or supercomputer?
a) PDA
b) Terminal
c) Modem
d) Node
e) None of these

15. "Bitmap" is a ?
a) Format which windows use for desktop wall paper
b) Graphic file format made up of small dots
c) Specific kind of bitmap files with the BMP extension
d) All of the above
e) None of these

16. ADSL stands for ?
a) Automatic Digital Subscriber Line
b) Asymmetric Direct Subscriber Line
c) Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
d) Automatic Direct Subscriber Line
e) None of these

17. The most common method of signing digitally is with the help of______cryptography, as contemplated
by the Information Technology Act 2000:
a) Public Key
b) Biometrics
c) Firewall
d) b and c
e) None of these

18. Objects on the slide which holds text are called ______
a) Object holders
b) Text holders
c) Auto layout
d) Data holders
e) Place holders

19. What is the shortcut key to "Undo" the last action in a document?
a) Ctrl + U
b) Ctrl + Y
c) Ctrl + X
d) Ctrl + Z
e) None of these

20. End-to-end connectivity is provided from Host-to-Host in?
a) Network layer
b) Session layer
c) Data link layer
d) Transport layer
e) None

21. "www" is based on which of the following modes?
a) Local Server
b) 2-tier
c) Client server
d) 3- tier
e) None of these

22. Which command will be used to duplicate the entire disk?
a) Copy
b) Undo
c) Format
d) Disk copy
e) None

23. To select the entire column in a worksheet, which of the following options can be used?
a) Shift + Space
b) Alt + Space
c) Shift + Alt
d) Ctrl + Space
e) None of these

24. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are?
a) Semantic errors
b) Logic errors
c) System errors
d) Syntax errors
e) None of these

1) d 2) b 3) d 4) b 5) e 6) a 7) a 8) d 9) b 10) c
11) d 12) c 13) d 14) b 15) d 16) c 17) a 18) e 19) d 20) d
21) c 22) d 23) d 24) d

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Marketing Aptitude Study Material

                                    Bank's Customer
Bank is a place where commodity money is exchanged for money. Money is serviced to different customers in many ways and named them as different services. Lifecycle of human from a child to a senior citizen, banks find customer in each every stages of life and offer services to their financial needs and modify them according to their demand. Also bank offer services to business units, SHGs, trusts, corporate bodies, other banks and even to Government, etc....
★ Banks also offer wide range of services to the trade customer namely importers and exporters in international trade. Let us know about bank's customer.
Buyer: An individual who buys goods, either for resale or for use in production or for use of somebody else.
★ The term buyer is used for, manufacturer buys goods for production, distributor buys the goods to sale to whole seller or retailer, and we buy gifts for present.
Customer: An individual who purchases a product or service either for his own consumption or for others.
★ The term customer is used to deal with situations where product cannot be directly consumed. For example: In this situation, the one named 'A' visited super market to buy foodgrains, is a customer.
The food-grains are consumed (cooked and eaten) by complete A's family are consumers.
Consumer: An individual who finally consumes the product is known as consumer, in other words buys and use the goods by same person.
★ The term consumer is used to deal with situations where product can be directly consumed, basically consumer is used in services related situation.
★ Services industry like banks, both customer and consumer are same. As nature of service is 'production, distribution and consumption are simultaneous process'. The one who visit the bank is a customer as well as consumer.
★ Bank's marketing deals with providing services to satisfy customer financial needs and wants. Banks provide services to living and non living things.
★ Living things are only humans (an individual). Non living things are a small or big business units, trust, society, SHGs, other banks, corporate bodies and even Government, etc....
★ Any legal entity can become a customer of bank. Financial needs of these customers are different. For their consumption, different banks offer different services.
★ The ultimate aim of a bank is to satisfy the customer in order to retain them and get some revenue. Banks does everything in order to create, win and retain customer.
★ The services that are rendered by the banks are designed for customer convenience. Customer satisfaction is achieved by the services and performance of all bank employees.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Recruitment of Probationary Officer/ Management Trainees

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducting a online examination for the next common recruitment process for selection of personnel for Probationary Officer/ Management Trainee posts in the Participating Organisations in October 2014.

Qualification: Degree (Graduation) in any discipline from a university recognised by the Govt. of India or any equivalent qualification recognised as such by the Central Government. The candidate must possess valid Mark-sheet/ Degree Certificate that he/ she is a graduate on the day he/ she registers and indicate the percentage of marks obtained in Graduation while registering online.

Age (As on 01/07/2014): 20 - 30 years 

Application Fee: Rs. 10/- for SC/ ST/ PWD candidates and Rs. 600/- for all others candidates.

CWE – Online Examination: The structure of the Examination which will be conducted online is as follows:
Sr.No.Name of TestsMaximum MarksDuration
1Reasoning50Composite time of 2 hours
2English Language40
3Quantitative Aptitude50
4General Awareness (with special reference to Banking Industry)40
5Computer Knowledge20

For IBPS PO's Study Material and Practice Tests: Click Here
How to Apply: Candidates can apply online only.

Important Dates:
  • Online Registration 22-July-2014 – 11-Aug-2014
  • Payment of Application Fees- Online 22-July-2014 – 11-Aug-2014
  • Payment of Application Fees- Offline 24-July-2014 – 14-Aug-2014
  • Download of Call Letter for Pre-Examination Training (PET) for SC/ST/ Minority Community candidates 11-Sept-2014 – 22-Sept-2014
  • Pre-Examination Training 22-Sept-2014 – 27-Sept-2014
  • Download of Call letter for Examination After 01-Oct- 2014
  • Online Examination (Tentative dates)- some/ all/ additional dates as the need arises:
  • 11-Oct- 2014 & 12-Oct- 2014
  • 18-Oct- 2014 & 19-Oct- 2014
  • 01-Nov-2014 & 02-Nov-2014
  • Declaration of result status of examination (CWE) November, 2014
  • Download of call letters for Interview January 2015
  • Conduct of Interview January 2015
  • Provisional Allotment April 2015

Reserve Bank of India Recruitment of 506 Assistant Posts

Applications are invited for the following posts.
Assistant: 506 Posts
Qualifications (as on 06-08-2014): i). At least a Bachelors degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks (pass class for SC/ ST/ PWD candidates) in the aggregate and the knowledge of word processing on PC. ii). A candidate belonging to Ex-servicemen category should either be a graduate from a recognised university or should have passed the matriculation or its equivalent examination of the Armed Forces and rendered at least 15 years of defence service. iii). Candidates applying for post in a particular state should be proficient in the language of the state i.e. know to read, write, speak and understand the language.

Age (As on 01/07/2014): 18-28 years

Application Fees/ Intimation Charges (Non- Refundable): Rs. 50/- for SC/ ST/ PWD/ EXS. (Intimation Charges) and Rs. 450 /- for OBC/ General candidates (Examination fee+ Intimation Charges).

Scheme of Selection: Selection will be through Online Examination and Interview. 

How to Apply: Candidates can apply online only.

Important Dates:
  • Opening date of online registration 16-July-2014
  • Closing date of online registration 06-Aug-2014

For more details, please visit: