Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reserve Bank of India Library and Information Science Graduates Recruitment

Reserve Bank of India  invited applications  for the following posts on contract basis
Library and Information Science Graduates: 04posts
Candidates having a Degree in the Library and Information Science obtained from a recognized Institute/College
Selection Process: Selection will be done on the basis of performance in interview.
How to Apply: Eligible candidates may apply through prescribed application form as given in the notification, fill that form completely and affix passport size photograph on it and sent to the Officer-in-Charge, Department of Economic and Policy Research, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office, Fort, Mumbai- 400001
Last date: 15.11.2012

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Punjab and Sind Bank Recruitment

Punjab and Sind Bank is inviting applications from Indian citizens for recruiting following posts: 
Vacancy Details:
General Manager-01
Asst. Gen.Manager-02
Age:  40-55 Yrs
Qualification:  Degree/B.Tech/MBA/CA/PG
Application Last Date:  10-11-2012

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Monday, October 29, 2012


1. Which Bank is called Apex Bank?
1) Development Bank of India
3) Reserve Bank of India
4) SBI
5) EXIM Bank

2. First Indian appointed as the Governor of Reserve bank of India ......
1) Sir C. D. Deshmukh
2) Sir Benegal Rama Rau
3) M. Narasimham
4) Dr. C. Rangarajan
5) Shanmugam Chettiar

3. Which among the following banks has more ATMs?
1) Union Bank of India
3) State Bank of India
5) Syndicate Bank

4. ICICI Bank made an agreement with ECO bank to extend the banking regulations on 15th October 2012. ECO bank original base is in...
1) Asia
2) North America
3) South America
4) Africa
5) None

5. Vostro Account means .....
1) An account maintained by Indian bank in foreign country with dollars
2) An account maintained by foreign bank in India in Indian Rupees
3) An account maintained by foreign bank in India in Foreign Currency
4) An account maintained by Indian bank in foreign in Indian Rupees
5) An account blocked by RBI

6. Which among the following terms not used in Banking?
1) Pay Order
2) Garnishee
3) Emission
4) Lien
5) Crossing

7. In the acronym WEF, 'E' stands for .....
1) Exchange
2) Eternal
3) Existence
4) Economic
5) Exit

8. Which state decided to provide an allowance of Rs. 1,000 a month to housewives in households whose annual incomes are less than Rs. 3 lakh on 2nd October 2012?
1) Maharashtra
2) Andhra Pradesh
3) Goa
4) Kerala
5) Tamilnadu

9. The Base Year of Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) is...
1) 2011
2) 2010
3) 2008
4) 2012
5) 2001

Friday, October 26, 2012

Andhra Bank Clerical Cadre posts Recruitment

Andhra Bank invites applications for the Clerical Cadre posts, from Indian citizens who have taken the Common Written Examination for Clerical cadre conducted by IBPS in 2011-12 and have a valid Score card issued by IBPS.

Candidates who have remitted the requisite application fees/ intimation charges and applied earlier in response to the Bank‟s notification dated 21.04.2012 for 600 vacancies and who have not been called for interview can apply against the additional 850 vacancies without remitting the application fees/ intimation charges. Fresh applicants are required to apply online and remit the requisite application fees / intimation charges.

Selection for Clerical Cadre posts will be made on the basis of performance in Common Written Examination (CWE) conducted by IBPS in November-December 2011 and Interview.

Candidates are required to apply online through website No other means/ mode of application will be accepted.

Important Dates:
Payment of Application Fees                                      27.10.2012 to 10.11.2012
Opening date for Online Registration                           27.10.2012
Last Date for Online Registration
(Including for candidates from far-flung areas )            10.11.2012

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To print the fee payment challan - Click here
Online Application for Andhra Bank Clerical Cadre Recruitment Project: 2012-13 - Click here

Export-Import Bank of India Managerial Posts

Export-Import Bank of India, an all India financial institution engaged in financing, facilitating and promoting India’s international trade, having a network of 18 offices in India and overseas and Learning Centre’s in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Pune, invites applications from Scheduled Castes (SC)/Scheduled Tribes (ST) /Other Backward Classes (OBC) candidates meeting the following eligibility criteria:

1. Deputy Manager / JM I: 03posts
Post Graduates in Commerce. Minimum 55% aggregate marks in Graduation. AND Minimum 55% aggregate marks in Post-Graduation

2. Manager / MM II: 03posts

3. Chief Manager/ MM III: 05posts
Post Graduates in Business Management or Chartered Accountants (CA) or Graduates in Engineering. Minimum 55% aggregate marks in Graduation. AND Minimum 55% aggregate marks in Post-Graduation. The course should be of a minimum 2 years full time duration. Course completed through correspondence/ part-time are not eligible. The university/institute should be recognized/approved by Government/ AICTE. In case of CA, passing the professional examination is sufficient

How to apply: Candidates should down lode the application form from the bank website and the dully fill in application form along with all relevant documents should reach the General Manager-HRM Export-Import Bank of India Centre One Building, Floor 21, World Trade Centre Complex, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai – 400005 and Candidates must send the hard copy of the Application Form or by E-mail. E-mail application should be sent only.

Last date: 21.11.2012

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Central Bank of India Safai karmchari Posts Recruitment

Central Bank of India invited Applications  for the Safai karmchari  posts
No. of Posts: 52posts

Qualification: Candidate must passed VIII Class.

Age Limit: 
Candidate age must be between 18 to 26 years

How to Apply: Candidates need to download application format available in the notification, fill it with all mandatory details, attach photograph, attest signature, super scribe the name of the post to be applied for on the envelope and send it along with copies of all relevant certificates to the following address” Central Bank of India, Area Office, Near Head Post Office, New Bajar, Siwan – 841 226

Last date: 02.11.2012

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Important Marketing Terms

Anti-competitive practice: A practice is considered anti-competitive if it prevents, distorts or restricts competition in a market for goods and services in Barbados.
Anti-dumping: Anti dumping is a measure to rectify the situation arising out of the dumping of goods and its trade distortive effect.  Thus,  the  purpose  of  anti  dumping  duty is  to  rectify  the trade  distortive effect  of dumping  and  re-establish  fair  trade.  The  use  of  anti  dumping  measure  as  an  instrument  of  fair competition  is  permitted  by  the  WTO.  In  fact,  anti  dumping  is  an  instrument  for  ensuring  fair trade  and  is  not  a  measure  of  protection  for  the  domestic  industry.  It  provides  relief  to  the domestic  industry  against  the  injury  caused  by  dumping.  Anti  dumping  measures  do  not  provide protection  per  se  to  the  domestic  industry.  It only serves the purpose of providing remedy to the domestic industry against the injury caused by the unfair trade practice of dumping.
Advertising: Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Many advertisements are designed  to  generate  increased  consumption  of  those  products  and   services  through  the  creation and  reinforcement  of  "brand  image"  and  "brand  loyalty".  For these purposes, advertisements sometimes embed their persuasive message with factual information.
Barter: A Trade Exchange or  Barter is a  type of trade in which  goods or  services  are directly exchanged for other  goods  and/or  services,  without  the  use  of  money.  It  can  be  bilateral  or  multilateral,  and usually  exists  parallel  to  monetary systems  in  most  developed  countries,  though  to  a  very limited extent. Barter usually replaces money as the method of exchange in times of monetary crisis, when the currency is unstable and devalued by hyperinflation.
Branding: It is a promise, a pledge of quality. It is the essence of a product, including why it is great, and how it is better than all competition products. It is an image.  It is a combination of words and letters, symbols, and colors.
Conglomerate: A conglomerate is the term used to describe a large company that consists of seemingly unrelated business sections. This term may also be referred to as a multi-industry company.
Circulation: The total number of copies distributed by a newspaper or magazine.
Classifieds: An advertisement in a newspaper that is placed along with advertisements for similar events under a classified heading, e.g. 'Entertainment' or 'Cinema'.
Concept: A design in which all aspects of the product are linked to a central idea, function or theory, etc.
Copy: Written or typed matter intended to be reproduced in print.
Copyright: The  exclusive  right,  granted  by  law  for  a  certain  term  of  years,  to  make  and  dispose  of  copies  of, and otherwise to control, a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work.
Critical Path: Plots the events that need to occur to complete a project on a timeline.
CRM: Customer Relationship Marketing. Building loyalty through your relationship with a customer.
Database: A  large  volume  of  information  stored  in  a  computer  and  organised  in  categories  to  facilitate retrieval.
Direct Mail: Mailing brochures, letters, questionnaires etc. directly to the target market.
Direct Marketing: Marketing to the customer without the use of an intermediary.
Types of Direct marketing:
There are many types of direct marketing, only some important types are listed below and these are the most form of direct marketing.
i)Direct Mail Marketing: Advertising material sent directly to home and business addresses. This is the most common form of direct marketing.
ii)Telemarketing: It is the second most common form of direct marketing, in which marketers contact consumers by phone.
ii)Email Marketing: This type of marketing targets customers through their email accounts
Display Ad: An advertisement which is usually designed by the advertiser and displayed in a box.
Direct Response: In advertising. Advertising  designed  to  trigger  a  behavioural  response  in  target  audiences,  e.g. placing mail back coupons in the ad, asking people to bring in or mention an ad, setting up a phone number and asking individuals to call for further information etc.
Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services using all forms of digital advertising. It includes Television, Radio, Internet, mobile and any other form of digital media.
Distress Rates: Cheaper rates for advertising at short notice, i.e.  When newspapers have spaces to fill shortly before their deadlines.
Distribution: To place promotional material, e.g. fliers or posters, throughout areas where they will be picked up.
Drip Marketing: Method of sending promotional items to clients is called Drip marketing.
Dumping: If a company exports a product at a price (export  price) lower than the price it normally charges on its own home market (normal value), it is said to be 'dumping' the product. Dumping can harm the domestic  industry  by  reducing its  sales volume  and  market  shares,  as  well  as  its sales  prices. This in  turn  can  result  in  decline  in  profitability,  job  losses  and,  in  the  worst  case,  in  the  domestic industry going  out  of  business.  Often,  dumping  is  mistaken  and  simplified  to  mean  cheap  or  low priced  imports.  However, it is a misunderstanding of the term. On the other hand, dumping, in its legal sense, means export of goods by a country to another country at a price lower than its normal value.  Thus, dumping implies low priced imports only in the relative sense (relative to the normal value), and not in absolute sense.
Freepost: Used to encourage a response by mail. The sender does not pay to return an item by post e.g. a questionnaire.
Guerilla Marketing: Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources is nothing but Guerilla Marketing.
JIT: Just-in-time (JIT) is an inventory strategy implemented to improve the return on investment of a business by reducing in-process inventory and its associated carrying costs. In order to achieve JIT the process must have signals of what is going on elsewhere within the process.
Incentive: Something  of  financial  or  symbolic  value  added  to  an  offer  to  encourage  some  overt  behavioural response.
Indirect Marketing: Indirect Marketing is the distribution of a particular product through a channel that includes one or more resellers.
Difference b/w Direct and Indirect Marketing:
·         Direct marketing is basically advertising your own products or services.
·         In the same way you might advertise for someone else is called Indirect marketing, is an increasingly popular way of doing business
Internet Marketing: Internet marketing is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.
Internet Marketing is also known as i-marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or e-Marketing
Key Selling Points: The components of a program or event that will appeal to the greatest number of people.
Loyalty Programs: A component of relationship marketing. Programs designed to increase the strength of a consumer's preference for a particular entity. The most common form of loyalty program in the arts is subscription or membership programs.
Marketing: The  process  of  planning  and  executing  the  conception,  pricing,  promotion,  and  distribution  of ideas,  goods,  services,  and  people  to  create  exchanges  that  will  satisfy  individual  and organizational goals.
Marketing Mix: The  blend  of  product,  place,  promotion,  and  pricing  strategies  designed  to  produce  satisfying exchanges with a target market.
Market Research: The  process  of  planning,  collecting,  and  analyzing  data  relevant  to  marketing  decision-making. Using a combination of primary and secondary research tools to better understand a situation.
Marketing Strategy: The first stage is setting  marketing objectives (where the organisation wants to be at the end of the strategic  planning  period)  and  goals  (the  objectives  with  specific  numerical  benchmarks  and deadlines attached to allow  management  to  measure achievement). The  second stage  is specifying the core  marketing  strategy,  i.e. specific target markets,  competitive  positioning and  key  elements of the marketing mix. The third is the implementation of tactics to achieve the core strategy.
Mergers and Acquisitions: The phrase  mergers and acquisitions (abbreviated  M&A) refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, corporate  finance  and  management  dealing  with  the  buying,  selling  and  combining  of  different companies  that  can  aid,  finance,  or  help  a  growing  company  in  a  given  industry  grow  rapidly without  having  to  create  another  business  entity.  A  merger  is  a  tool  used  by  companies  for  the purpose  of  expanding  their  operations  often  aiming at an  increase of their long  term  profitability. An acquisition, also known as a takeover, is the buying of one company (the ‘target’) by another.
Media Hooks: Aspects of an event or program that are most likely to appeal to a journalist or the media generally.
Media Monitoring: Systematic monitoring of the media in order to ascertain what has been said.  Specialised agencies provide this service.
Offer: A  proposal  by  a  marketer  to  make  available  to  a  target  customer  a  desirable  set  of  positive consequences if the customer undertakes the required action.
Pitch: A proposal - either verbal or written - to enlist the engagement or support of a third party.
Psychographics: Life-style measures which   combine psychological and demographic measurements based on consumers' activities, aspirations, values, interests or opinions.
Publicity: Definitions vary but in Sauce the term is used to describe obtaining media coverage.
Personal Selling: Persuasive communication between a representative of the company and one or more prospective customers, designed to influence the person's or group's purchase decision.
Qualitative Research: Research  that  seeks  out  people's  attitudes  and  preferences,  usually  conducted  through unstructured interviews or focus groups.
Quantitative Research: Research  that  measures  (quantifies)  responses  to  a  structured  questionnaire,  conducted  either through  telephone,  face-to-face  structured  interviews,  on  the  Internet  or  through  self  completion surveys.
Quickcuts: The brand name of technology which enables design companies or advertising agencies to transmit advertisements directly to the publication over a telephone line.
Reach: The total number of people your organisation or campaign reaches.
Relationship marketing: Marketing  with  a  focus  on  building  long-term  relationships  where  the  target  customer  is encouraged to continue his or her involvement with the marketer.
Strategic Marketing Planning: The  process  of  managerial  and  operational  activities  required  to  create  and  sustain  effective  and efficient  marketing  strategies,  including  identifying  and  evaluating  opportunities,  analyzing markets  and  selecting  target  markets,  developing  a  positioning  strategy,  preparing  and  executing the market plan, and controlling and evaluating results.
Situational Analysis:  An analysis of the internal and external environment of a company or event.
SWOT Analysis: Identifying the strengths and weaknesses, which are internal to the organisation or project and the opportunities and threats, which come from outside the organisation.
Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is marketing using online communities, social networks, blog marketing and more
Talent: The  person  or  people  you  put  forward  to  the  media  as  possible  subjects  for  an  interview,  a  game show, a picture or footage, etc.
Target Audience: The  section  of  the population  that  is  identified  as  likely  to  be  most  interested  in  buying  or  being associated with a product.
Target media: The media you decide to target for coverage because they reach your target audience.
Targeting: The act of directing promotions to the target audience.
TARPS: Target  audience  rating points --  that  is,  the  number  of people  or  percentage  of  people  reached  in your target audience
Unique Selling Proposition (USP): The one thing that  makes  a  product different  than any  other.  It's  the  one  reason  marketers  think consumers will buy the product even though it may seem no different from many others just like it.
Viral Marketing: Marketing by the word of the mouth, having a high pass-rate from person to person is called Viral marketing.  Creating a 'buzz' in the industry is an example of viral marketing

Sunday, October 21, 2012


1. An expert panel set up by the Prime Minister recommended complete decontrol of the sugar industry. Who headed this committee?
1) Kaushik Basu
2) Bimal Jalan
3) C.Rangarajan
4) R.S.Gujral
5) Y.V.Reddy

2. Who are awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for studies of G-protein coupled receptors?
1) Thomas Steitz (USA) & Ada Yonath (Israel)
2) Barry Sharpless & William Knowles (USA)
3) Robert Lefkowitz & Brian Kobilka (USA)
4) Peter Agre & Roderick Mackinnon (USA)
5) None of these

3. Australia defended their ICC Women's World Twenty20 title with a four-run win over which of the following countries in the final in Colombo, Sri Lanka on October 7, 2012?
1) India
2) Sri Lanka
3) England
4) West Indies
5) New Zealand

4. The Reserve Bank of India constituted a Financial Inclusion Ad-visory Committee (FIAC) to spe-arhead the efforts towards greater financial inclusion in the country in October 2012. Who is the Cha-irman of this high-level committee?
1) Y.H.Malegam
2) Dipankar Gupta
3) K.R.Kamath

5. Which of the following statements about the European Union (EU) is not true?
1) The European Union(EU) is an economic and political union of 27 member states with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.
2) The EU won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for fostering pea-ce on a continent ravaged by war.
3) Croatia is set to become the 28th member state of the EU on July1, 2013.
4) Euro is the official currency of all the 27 member states of the EU.
5) Herman Van Rompuy (Belgi-um) is the President of the Eu-ropean Council and Jose Ma-nuel Barroso (Portugal) is the President of the European Commission.

6. Which of the following books is/ are written by Jhumpa Lahiri, an Indian American author?
1) The Namesake
2) Unaccustomed Earth
3) Interpreter of Maladies
4) Both 1 and 2
5) All 1, 2 and 3

7. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) gave permission to which of the following to start operations in equity and equity derivatives in July 2012?
1) USE
 2) BSE
3) DSE

8. The twenty second Plenary Meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) took place in which of the following American cities in June 2012?
1) Chicago
2) Seattle
3) Camp David
4) New York
5) Los Angeles

9. The Cabinet Committee on Eco-nomic Affairs (CCEA) headed by the Prime Minister approved the sale of 10.82 percent of its stake in which of the following public sector giants in July 2012?
1) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
2) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
3) Steel Authority of India Limited
4) Oil India Limited
5) Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indian Overseas Bank Specialist Officers Recruitment

Indian Overseas Bank invites Online applications from Indian Citizens for recruitment  for various Specialist Officers positions, who have taken the Common Written Examination (CWE) for Recruitment of Specialist Officers conducted by IBPS on March 2012 and obtained a valid Score Card and who meet the eligibility criteria mentioned in this notification.

                Specialist Officer :  387 posts 
    1. Agricultural Field Officer : 337 posts
    2. Rajbhasha Adhikari : 20 posts
    3. Law Officer : 10 posts
    4. HR/ Personnel Officer : 10 posts
    5. Law Officer : 10 posts in MMGS-II
Application Fee : Rs.100/- (Rs.20/- for SC/ST/PWD candidates) in cash at the any of the IOB and take candidate's copy of Payment Receipt Challan.

How to Apply : Apply Online at IOB web site between 16/10/2012 and 31/10/2012.

Kindly visit for all the details and online submission of application.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Andhra Bank Security Officers Recruitment

Andhra Bank, A Leading Public Sector Bank invites applications from Indian citizens for the post of Security Officers in MMGS-III. :  
Security Officer : 10 posts
 Age : 21-40 years

Application Fee : The fees Rs.400/- (Rs.50/- for SC/ST)  to be Demand Draft/ BPO issued by a Scheduled Commercial Bank Payable at Hyderabad in favour of Andhra Bank.

How to Apply : Applications should be submitted only in the prescribed proforma, which can be downloaded from our Bank’s website with all particulars regarding age,  educational qualification and experience supported by relevant certificates and prescribed fee
challan be sent in a separate cover superscribed “RECRUITMENT OF SECURITY OFFICERS IN
MMGS-III” to the following address on or before 03/11/2012 (Last date is 10/11/2012 for   the candidates from far-flung areas) :

Asst. General Manager (HR), Human Resources Department, Andhra Bank, Head Office Dr. Pattabhi Bhavan, Saifabad, Hyderabad – 500004.

All other details along with application format is available at

Friday, October 12, 2012

IBPS Clerk Recruitment 2012

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) invited applications for the Recruitment in Clerical Cadre in Public Sector Banks 2012. The Common Written Examination will be conducted by IBPS tentatively in December 2012.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates intending for Common Written Examination should ensure that they should fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria specified by IBPS before applying for the Common Written Examination (CWE).
• Minimum Age: 20 Years 
• Maximum Age: 28 Year
• The maximum age limit specified is applicable to General Category candidates ( See Advertisement for Details)
 Educational Qualifications
• Candidate should have Degree in any discipline from a recognized University or any equivalent qualification recognized as such by the Central Government
• Computer literacy: Operating and working knowledge in computer systems is mandatory i.e. candidates should have Certificate/Diploma/Degree in computer operations/Language/ should have studied Computer / Information Technology as one of the subjects in the High School/College/Institute.
Important Dates
Opening Date for Online Registration: 15 October 2012
Dates for Online Payment of Application Fees: 15 October 2012 to 5 November 2012
Closing Date of Payment of Application Fees: 17 October 2012 to 9 November 2012
Closing Date for Online Registration: 05 November 2012
Download of Call letter for Examination: After 3 December 2012

How to Apply
• All the candidates may apply online only from 15.10.2012 to 05.11.2012 and no other mode of application will be accepted
• The candidate can apply online and offline modes. For apply Online Click Here

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SBI Associated Banks Marketing Aptitude / Computer Knowledge

1. Who coined the expression of Marketing Mix?
1) Adam smith
2) James Culliton
3) Peter F Drucker
4) Charles Babbage
5) None of these

2. Who described the marketing mix is the four Ps?
1) Jerome Mc Carthy
2) James Culliton
3) Neil H Borday
4) Max Weber
5) None of these

3. What are the marketing mix in terms of the four Ps?
1) Product
2) Place
3) Price
4) Promotion
5) All the above

4. Which one of the following is permanent memory?
1) RAM
2) ROM
3) Cache memory
4) Micro Processor
5) None of these

5. Example for first generation computer?
1) Pentium
3) Calculator
4) Main Frame
5) None of these

6. Booting means?
1) Loading operating system files into memory
2) Switching on computer
3) Shutdown of computer
4) Running a program
5) None of these

7. E-cash and digital cash are used to purchase in?
1) Internet
2) E-Com
3) E-Shop
4) Bank ATM counter money
5) None of these

8. Super Computers in India are manuf- actured by?
1) C-DAC
2) DOE
3) ITSC, Bangalore
4) Pentasoft Company
5) None of these

9. The memory capacity of 3 floppy is?
1) 1.44 MB
2) 1.2 MB
3) 720 KB
4) 60 MB
5) None of these

10. C is an example of?
1) business language
2) scientific language
3) mathematical language
4) An alphabet
5) None of these

Monday, October 8, 2012


1. Who was sworn in as the 39th Chief Justice of India on September 29, 2012?
1) Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan
2) Justice J.S. Khehar
3) Justice Altamas Kabir
4) Justice D. Murugesan
5) Justice M.Y. Eqbal

2. The Supreme Court directed which of the following companies/groups to refund over Rs. 24,400 crore collected from 2.21 crore depositors through the optimally fully convertible debentures (OFCDs) by way of bonds?
1) Reliance
2) Murugappa
3) Sahar
4) Kingfisher
5) Essar

3. K.R. Kamath took charge on October 1, 2012 as the Chairman of Indian Banks' Association (IBA). He is the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of which of the following public sector banks?
1) Bank of India
2) Indian Bank
3) Corporation Bank
4) Punjab National Bank
5) United Bank of India

4. At the 2012 US Open tennis championships Andy Murray became the first British man since Fred Perry in 1936 to win a Grand Slam singles tournament when he defeated which of the following players in the final?
1) Marin Cilic (Croatia)
2) David Ferrer (Spain)
3) Tomas Berdych (Czech Republic)
4) Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
5) Roger Federer (Switzerland)

5. Which of the following statements about the ICC Awards is not true?
1) The 2012 ICC Awards function was held on September 15, 2012 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2) Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka has won three awards- Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for Cricketer of the Year, Test Cricketer of the Year and LG People's Choice Award.
3) ICC Emerging Cricketer of the Year is Sunil Narine of West Indies.
4) ICC Twenty20 International Performance of the Year award was won by Richard Levi of South Africa.
5) Jacques Kallis of South Africa received the Spirit of Cricket Award.

6. Who won the US Open women's singles title in September 2012?
1) Sara Errani (Italy)
2) Marion Bartoli (France)
3) Serena Williams (USA)
4) Victoria Azarenka (Belarus)
5) Maria Sharapova (Russia)

7. The 62nd meeting of Nobel Laureates was held in Lindau from July 1 to 6, 2012 that was dedicated to Physics. Lindau is located in which of the following European countries?
1) Italy
2) Portugal
3) Spain
4) Germany
5) France

8. Eight Indian companies are in the list of world's 500 largest companies compiled by Fortune magazine in July 2012. Which is the only bank in that list?
1) PNB
2) HDFC Bank
3) ICICI Bank
4) IOB
5) SBI

9. Which company topped the Fortune magazine's list of top 500 companies globally for the year 2012?
1) Royal Dutch Shell
2) Exxon Mobil
3) Wal-Mart
4) BP
5) Sinopec

10. Who was appointed the new Chairman of the High Level Committee on Financing Infras-tructure in July 2012?
1) R. Gopalan
2) Deepak Parekh
3) Yogesh Agarwal
4) J. Harinarayan
5) G.V. Sanjay Reddy

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Repco Bank Junior Assistant/Clerks Recruitment

Repco Bank invites applications for Junior Assistant/Clerks 148  posts from eligibility candidates.

Qualification: Graduation in any discipline from any university recognized by UGC and  Candidates should have obtained the valid IBPS CWE- CLERK-2011 Score card, score in each test components and Total Weighted Standard Score (TWS) as mentioned below in the Common Written Examination conducted for Clerk in 2011 by IBPS. Candidates should be able to produce the original IBPS CWE- Clerk 2011 Score Card in support of the scores mentioned in the bio data form, if called for Interview.

Common Written Examination Tests: Test on Reasoning [TR], Test on English Language [EN], Test of Numerical Ability (NA)), Test on General Awareness [GA] & Test on Computer Knowledge [CK]

Category wise - Test Cut offs: For General: 24 and for Reserved (SC/ST/OBC/PC): 21
Total Weighted Standard Score (TWSS):
For General Category: TWSS - Minimum 140
For Reserved Category (SC/ST/OBC/PC): TWSS - Minimum 125

Selection Procedure: InterviewApplication Fee Including Postage Charges (Non-Refundable): For SC/ST/Repatriates Category Rs. 50/- and For General and all others Category Rs. 200/-

How to Apply: Candidates are required to apply Online through No other means/ mode of application will be accepted.

Important Dates:• Opening Date for Online Registration 08.10.2012
• Closing Date for Online Registration 05.11.2012
• Payment of Application Fee /Postage Charge 08.10.2012 TO 05.11.2012
• Tentative Date of Interview Nov/Dec2012

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Repco Bank Probationary Officers (Scale-I) Recruitment

Repco Bank invites applications for Probationary Officer (Scale-I) 30 posts from eligibility candidates.

Qualification: Graduation or Post Graduation in any discipline with 1st class, 60% marks from any University recognized by UGC. and Candidates should have obtained the valid IBPS CWE-Probationary Officer -2011 Score card, score in each test components and Total Weighted Standard Score (TWS) as mentioned below in the Common Written Examination conducted for Probationary Officer in 2011 by IBPS. Candidates should be able to produce the original IBPS CWE-Probationary Officer -2011 Score Card in support of the scores mentioned in the bio data form, if called for Interview.

• Common Written Examination Tests: Test on Reasoning [TR], Test on English Language [EN], Test of Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Test on General Awareness [GA], Test on Computer Knowledge [CK] and Descriptive Paper on English [DP] 
• Category wise - Test Cut offs: For General: 24 and for Reserved (SC/ST/OBC/PC): 21

Total Weighted Standard Score (TWSS):• For General Category: TWSS - Minimum 140
• For Reserved Category (SC/ST/OBC/PC): TWSS - Minimum 125

Selection Procedure: Group discussion + Interview
Application Fee Including Postage Charges (Non-Refundable): For SC/ST/Repatriates Category Rs. 75/- and For General and all others Category Rs. 250/- 

How to Apply: Candidates are required to apply Online through website  No other means/ mode of application will be accepted.

Important Dates:• Opening Date for Online Registration 08.10.2012
• Closing Date for Online Registration 05.11.2012
• Payment of Application Fee /Postage Charge 08.10.2012 TO 05.11.2012
• Tentative Date of Interview Nov/Dec2012

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


1.Pauline Marois became the first female Premier of which of the following provinces of Canada in September 2012?
1) Alberta
2) Nova Scotia
3) Quebec
4) British Columbia
5) Ontario

2.The Central Government appoin-ted Y.C. Deveshwar as a director on the central board of directors of the Reserve Bank of India in September 2012. He is the chairman of which of the following companies?
1) Bombay Dyeing
2) ITC
3) Murugappa Group
4) Future Group
5) Essar Group

3.Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajego-wda of Karnataka won a silver medal in which of the following sports at the London Paralympic Games in September 2012?
1) Javelin
2) Shot Put
3) Shooting
4) High Jump
5) Long Jump

4.Syed Mustafa Siraj passed away on September 4, 2012. He won Sahitya Akademi Award in 1994 in which of the following languages?
1) Hindi
2) Urdu
3) Marathi
4) Bengali
5) Rajasthani

5.Which of the following statements about the London Olympics is not true?
1)The 30th Summer Olympic Games were organized in London, UK, from July 27 to August 12, 2012.
2)London became the first city to host the Olympics three times. It previously hosted in 1908 and 1948.
3)More than 10,500 athletes from 204 nations took part in 26 sports and 302 events.
4)The top three spots in the medals tally were taken by USA (46 Gold Medals), China (38) and Great Britain (29).
5)With 2 silver and 4 bronze medals India finished 45th in the medal standing.

6.Pranab Mukherjee was sworn in as India's 13th President on July 25, 2012. In the presidential polls he defeated P.A.Sangma, the former Chief Minister of?
1) Tripura
2) Nagaland
3) Meghalaya
4) Manipur
5) Arunachal Pradesh

7.John Dramani Mahama took office as President of which of the following African countries on July 24, 2012 following the death of his predecessor, John Atta Mills?
1) Togo
2) Ghana
3) Uganda
4) Sierra Leone
5) Burkina Faso

8.As per data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) on July 8, 2012, India accounts for what per cent of global drug trials carried out on humans?
1) 4.5
2) 1.5
3) 3.5
4) 5.5

9.Which city hosted the ASEAN Foreign Ministers Summit in July 2012?
1) Hanoi (Vietnam)
2) Jakarta (Indonesia)
3) Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
4) Vientiane (Laos)
5) Manila (Philippines)

10.Which of the following countries completed its first year of independence on July 9, 2012?
1) Vanuatu
2) Montenegro
3) Tuvalu
4) Bosnia Herzegovina
5) South Sudan

Can Fin Homes Ltd. Junior Officer Recruitment

Can Fin Homes Ltd. invites applications from the eligible candidates for appointment of following Junior Officers on Contract basis.

Junior Officer (JO) : 30 posts, Age : 21-30 years, Selected candidates will be paid a consolidated amount of Rs.15200/- per month for first 12 months. In case of renewal of contract, then the consolidated compensation will be Rs.18000/- per month for the 2nd year and Rs.23000/- per month for the 3rd year.

Application Fee : The requisite fee/postage of Rs.100/- must be paid by means of a crossed Demand Draft payable at Bangalore favouring “Can Fin Homes Ltd.”.

How to Apply : Applications in the prescribed format should reach the prescribed address on or before 17/10/2012 duly super scribing “Application for engagement of Junior Officers on contract” on the envelope

Please view  for details and application format is available at

SBI and Associated Banks Specialist Officers Recruitment

State Bank of India  (SBI) and its Associate Banks invited Online applications  from eligible Indian Citizens for appointment as Specialist Officers (Economics/ IT/ Computer/ Engineering/ Official Language/ Law and Security etc.).

  1. Assistant  General Manager (Chief Economist) : 01 posts in SMGS-V scale in SBBJ
  2. Manager (Economist) : 02 posts in MMGS-III scale in SBI
  3. Chief Manager (Chartered Accountant) : 01 post in SMGS-IV scale in SBBJ
  4. Manager (Chartered Accountant) : 02 posts in MMGS-III scale in SBBJ-1, SBM-1
  5. Manager (Hardware) : 02 posts in MMGS-III scale in SBH
  6. Dy. Manager (Hardware) : 16 posts in MMGS-II scale in SBBJ-10, SBH-4, SBP-2
  7. Assistant Manager (Hardware) : 09 posts in JMGS-I scale in SBP
  8. Manager (Networking) : 01 post in MMGS-III scale in SBH
  9. Dy. Manager (Networking) : 03 posts in MMGS-II scale in SBH
  10. Dy. Manager (Systems) : 25 posts in MMGS-II scale in SBBJ-10, SBT-7, SBP-8
  11. Assistant Manager (Systems) : 231 posts in JMGS-I scale in SBBJ-80, SBH-84, SBP-49, SBM-14, SBT-4
  12. Assistant Manager (Computer & Communication) : 05 posts in JMGS-I scale in SBI
  13. Dy. Manager (Civil Engineering) : 13 posts in MMGS-II scale in SBBJ-8, SBH-2, SBM-1, SBT-2
  14. Assistant Manager (Civil Engineering) : 32 posts in JMGS-I scale in SBI-20, SBM-3, SBP-6, SBT-3
  15. Dy. Manager (Electrical Engineering) : 04 posts in MMGS-II scale in SBH-3, SBM-1
  16. Assistant Manager (Electrical Engineering) : 21 posts in JMGS-I scale in SBI-17, SBP-1, SBT-3
  17. Dy. Manager (Official Language) : 08 posts in MMGS-II scale in SBM-3, SBP-5
  18. Manager (Official Language) : 02 posts in MMGS-III scale in SBBJ-2
  19. Assistant Manager (Official Language) : 01 post in JMGS-I scale in SBT-1
  20. Manager (Law) : 42 posts in MMGS-III scale in SBI-42
  21. Dy. Manager (Law) : 04 posts in MMGS-II scale in SBH-1, SBP-3
  22. Assistant Manager (Law) : 78 posts in JMGS-I scale in SBI-42,  SBH-23, SBT-13
  23. Dy. Manager (Security) : 10 posts in MMGS-II scale in SBH-6, SBT-4
  24. Dy. Manager (Fire) : 01 post in MMGS-II scale in SBBJ-1
    Pay Scales :
    1. JMGS-I : Rs.14500-25700
    2. MMGS-II : Rs. 19400-28100
    3. MMGS-III : Rs.25700-31500
    4. SMGS-IV : Rs. 30600-36200
    5. SMGS-V : Rs. 36200-40400
      Application Fee : Rs.500/- (Rs.50/- for SC/ST/PWD). Candidates are required to go to any CBS Branch of State Bank of India and pay the amount throug a payment voucher of prescribes fees and get receipt from the branch.

      Selection by Written Exam on 02/12/2012 followed by Group Discussion & Personal Interview for selected candidates.

      How to Apply: Apply Online at SBI website from 08/10/2012 to 28/10/2012 at SBI website only.  

      Kindly visit the Recruitment section at the SBI website for detailed information, Challan form and Online Application form.