Sunday, November 13, 2011


1.  According to 2011 Human Development Index Report released on 2 November 2011 by United Nations Development Program, the rank of India is
      a) 128
      b) 134
      c) 131
      d) 136
      e) 127

2.  What is the name of e-payment system developed by Finance Ministry to provide
      facilities of direct credit of subsidies to the accounts of consumers of fertiliser,
      kerosene and cooking gas?
     a) Computerised Payment and Accounts (COMPACT)
      b) Centralized Funds Management System (CFMS)
      c) Government e-Payment Gateway (GePG)
      d) National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)
      e)  None of the above

3.  Y H Malegam committee, constituted by RBI in Oct. 2010 to study the issues and
      concerns in microfinance sector had submitted its report to RBI. Which of the
      following recommendations is NOT given by the committee in its report?
     a) Bank lending to NBFC-MFIs will be entitled to “priority lending” status.
      b) Not more than two MFIs can lend to a single borrower
      c) A borrower can be a member of only one Self-Help Group (SHG)
      d) Total indebtedness of the borrower not to exceed Rs. One Lakh
      e) None of the above

4.  Currently, the share of nuclear power in the total energy generation stands at 
     a) 2.9 per cent
      b) 2.3 per cent
      c) 3.4 per cent
      d) 3.8 per cent
      e) 4.2 per cent

5.  Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), a premier cancer institute of the country is set to
      become a National Cancer Centre under the 12th five year plan. Where is Regional
      Cancer Centre situated?
      a) Hyderabad
      b) Chennai
      c) Kolkata
      d) Bhubaneswar
      e) Thiruvanathapuram

6. Currently, India’s savings amount to how much percent of its gross domestic product?
     a) 31.8 per cent
      b) 33.7 per cent
      c) 35.2 per cent
      d) 38.4 per cent
      e) None of these

7.  21st Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) took place 28th
      to 30th of October 2011 in Perth, Australia under the theme
      a) Networking the Commonwealth for Development
      b) Partnering for a More Equitable and Sustainable Future
      c) Building National Resilience, Building Global Resilience
      d) Global Transition towards a Multilateral and Sustainable World
      d) None of the above

8.  Lumia, first Windows-based smartphone has been launched by which of the
      following companies?
      a) Nokia
      b) HTC
      c) Apple
      d) Samsung
      e) Microsoft

9.  India’s latest satellite, the Megha Tropiques, launched on 12th October, 2011 in
      Sriharikota, will study the patterns and dynamics of the 
      a) Soil
      b) Monsoon
      c) Earthquake
      d) Stars and planet orbits
      e) None of the above

10. Recently, the general elections of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandak Committee
       (SGPC) also called ‘Mini Parliament of Sikhs’ was held on 18 September 2011,
       in Haryana, Punjab, HP and Chandigarh. SGPC elections are held every_______.
      a) two years
       b) three years
       c) four years
       d) five years
       e) six years

11. Which of the following political parties has won the first free elections held in
       October 2011 in Tunisia?
       a) Ennahda
       b) Ettakatol
       c) Congress for Republic
       d) Areedha Chaabiya
       e) None of the above

12. Aerospace and defence giant Boeing, who had supplied attack helicopters to the
       Indian Air Force (IAF) is belongs to
      a) Britain
       b) France
       c) USA
       d) Germany
       e) Australia

13. World’s biggest, bestest, and most complicated radio telescope ‘ALMA’ has
       recently opened for business and reveals its first image. ALMA is located in
      a) Canada
       b) Chile
       c) Peru
       d) Philipine
       e) Switzerland

14. Nabam Tuki, who sworn in as new Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh on
       1st Novemebr 2011, replaced the chief minister
      a) Mukut Mithi
       b) Gegong Apang
       c) D D Lapang
       d) Jarbom Gamlin
       e) None of the above

15. Sebastian Vettel, who won India’s maiden Formula One Grand Prix at Budh
       International Circuit on 30th October 2011, is belongs to which of the following
       Formula One teams?
      a) Ferrari
       b) Sahara Force India
       c) Group Lotus-Renault
       d) McLaren-Mercedes
       e) Red Bull-Renault

16. Which of the following countries became the first country liberated from decades
       of dictatorship in the Arab Spring movement?
      a) Libya
       b) Tunisia
       c) Egypt
       d) Palestien
       e) Sudan

17. The Reserve Bank of India has recently expanded its definition of ‘officially valid
       document’ required to open new bank account, by adding which of the following
       a) NREGA job card
       b) Aadhaar letter issued by UIDAI
       c) Voters Identity Card
        a) Only (A)  
       b) Only (B)  
       c) Only (C)  
       d) Both (A) & (B)    
      e) All (A),(B)&(C)

18. Indian Financial System Code (IFSC), a unique code which normally printed on
       the cheque books of NEFT/RTGS enabled branches of a bank, is consists of
      a) 10 digits
       b) 11 digits
       c) 12 digits
       d) 15 digits
       e) 16 digits

19. Under the Basel-III norms between 2013 and 2019, the minimum regulatory
       requirement of Capital to Risk Weighted Assets (CRAR) for the public sector
       banks is
      a) 7%
       b) 8%
       c) 9%
       d) 10%
       e) None of the above

20. Sistema Shyam Tele Services (SSTL), a telecom company providing High Speed
       Data (HSD) services in the country, is popularly known as
      a) GTL
       b) MTS
       c) Nelco
       d) AG-Tel
       e) Aircel