Saturday, October 1, 2011

RBI Officers in Grade 'B' (General) Phase II (Descriptive Type Test) 2007 Question Papers

Economic and Social Issues

Answer any five questions

1. Discuss the impact of growth on poverty alleviation in the context of empirical evidence on the Indian economy.
2. Elaborate the issues related to ‘global warming and climate change’ in the context of measures
required for sustainable development.
3. What is meant by openness of an economy? What are the various ways of measuring the same?
Comment on the openness of the Indian Economy and discuss the implications of the same in
the conduct of monetary and fiscal policies.
4. ‘Special Economic Zones are the engines of economic growth’. Do you agree with this view?
Substantiate your viewpoint.
5. Critically examine the institutional and operational aspects of health care system in India.
6. Highlight the dimensions of child labour in India and critically evaluate the policies designed to Eradicate the same.
7. What are the various forms of Regional Integration? ‘Regional Integration is stumbling block
rather than building block for multilateralism’. Do you agree? Substantiate your viewpoint.
8. What do you mean by Human Development Index? Explain its composite indices and comment on the appropriateness of HDI as an Indicator of welfare.
9. Highlight the problems associated with urbanization and migration in India. Examine the
Adequacy of policies to address the problems emanating due to these phenomena.
10. Write short notes on any two of the following:
a. Demographic dividend
b. Public Debt in India
c. Foreign Institutional Investment in India
d. Sex Ratio in India