Saturday, October 1, 2011

RBI Officers in Grade 'B' (General) Phase II (Descriptive Type Test) 2008 Question Papers


1. a) Why do you think, has inflation become a major problem in India?
b) Suggest suitable measures to control this inflation.
2. Examine the impact of India’s economic reforms on unemployment and poverty.
3. Discuss India’s present economic policy on the following subject:
a) Role of MNCs.
b) Capital Account Convertibility
4. Discuss the major changes in the Foreign exchange rate policy in India since 1991
5. a) What are the problems of scheduled castes in India?
b) Discuss the Impact of reservation policy on scheduled castes and tribes in India
6. a) Analyze the harmful effects of rapid urbanization in India.
b) How can they be removed?
7. Discuss the suitability of the following for India:-
a) Presidential form of Government
b) Parliamentary form of Government
8. Human resource development has not received the significance it deserves in India. Do you agree with this view? Discuss
9. a) What are the weaknesses of India’s Higher Education System?
b) What changes, do you think are needed in this system?
10. Write short notes on any two.
a) Impact of economic development on environment
b) Unorganized sector in India
c) Significance of WTO for India
d) Privatization in India.


1. “The focus of banks in India has now shifted from statutory compliance to internal financial Management” Comment
2. Discuss the salient features of the foreign exchange market in India .
3. Briefly discuss the main features of the RBI directives relating to relating to acceptance of deposits by NBFCs.
4. What is “book building “? Explain briefly the framework of the book building method of issue of capital.
5. Write short notes on any two of the following:-
(a) WTO and India
(b) Venture Capita l Funds
(c) Non Performing Assets.
(d) Role of NABARD in economic development.

6. “Delegation of authority is not loss of power ; it is enhancement of power.” Examine this statement critically.
7. What is performance appraisal? What are its objectives?
8. (a) What are the essentials of a good control system?
(b) What are the behavioural implications of control?
9. Describe the salient features of corporate governance in India