Saturday, October 1, 2011

RBI Officers in Grade 'B' (General) Phase II (Descriptive Type Test) 2003 Question Papers


1. “It is both necessary and possible to achieve a growth rate of eight percent per annum in India?
2. Is it necessary that interest rates be lowered in India? Bring out the problems of adjustment to a regime of low interest rates. What steps have been taken to mitigate some of these problems?
3. Developed countries will have to import labor or export jobs- Discuss
4. Bring out the causes and consequences of favorable balance of payment in India in the recent years.
5. Assess the WTO framework agreement of July 2004, on the Doha development agenda
6. Bring out the pros and cons on privatization of social sector services provisioning in India
7. Is globalization a new phenomenon or has it existed for a long in some form? To what extent is multiculturalism consistent with the phenomenon of globalization?
8. “self help groups are a means of empowering women”. Do you agree?
What in your view are other effective ways of empowering women?
9. Bring out the role of the private sector in the matte of positively discriminating in favor of the underprivileged in India.
10. Write notes on any two of the following:-
a) Role of Economic Planning in the Era of liberalization
b) India’s Export Import Policy
c) Dependency Ratio in India
d) Criminalization of Politics in India


1. Examine the implications of tax reform measures introduced in the Budget 2004-05
2. Is the present level of foreign exchange reserves of India adequate from the view point of Implementing capital account convertibility of rupee? Discuss.
3. Examine the role of foreign Direct investment in India.
4. How far has the Development Banking Policy of India achieved its objectives?
5. Write short notes on any two of the following:
a) WTO and India
b) E-commerce
c) India’s services sector
d) Derivatives

6. What is a learning organization? Suggest a model framework for the same.
7. Explain the failure of ‘Corporate Governance’ at Enron
8. What is 360 degree performance appraisal? Why it is so important today?
9. Who is a successful leader? List out at least five important attributes of successful leadership. How do delegation and organizational culture play significant role in the leader’s success?