Saturday, October 1, 2011

RBI Officers in Grade 'B' (General) Phase II (Descriptive Type Test) 2002 Question Papers


1. Comment on any two of the following in the context of India’s 10th Five Year Plan:-
a) Targeted growth rate
b) Required Investment
c) Employment generation
2. Distinguish between Monetary and Fiscal Policy. To what extent is monetary policy independent of fiscal policy in India?
3. What are the different ways of privatizing public asset enterprises?.. Review briefly the process of privatization in India.
4. Distinguish clearly between the function of IMF and World bank in the context of world economy?
5. How would the education of the services sector in India be affected by its opening up under the provision of GATE?
6. To what extent has South Asia been able to further its agenda of regional cooperation?
What in your view are the main obstacles in this process?
7. How far can legislation help in improving the status of women in the Indian
8. Do you agree with the view that political parties have appropriated social movements in India to the development of the society?
9. Is the Human development Index a better Indicator of development as compared to per capita income? Give reasons for your answer?
10. Write notes on any of the following:-
a) Sustainable development
b) Exit policy in India
c) Reservation Policy in India
d) Urbanization in India


1. What does the Union Budget 2003-04 offers to the salaried employee and the common man?
2. Explain briefly the salient features of Foreign exchange Management Act?
3. Discuss the role of the Reserve Bank of India in the economic development of the country?
4. Critically evaluate our country’s efforts in disinvestment in public sector undertakings.
5. Write short notes on any two of the following:
a) Regional Rural Banks
b) Mutual funds
c) Role of NABARD in economic development
d) Difference between direct and indirect taxes

6. Planning and control are two sides of the same coin. Do you agree why?
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of decentralization?
8. Identify the skills required to become and effective leader?
9. What is performance appraisal? What are its objectives?