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who are preparing for Bank Pronationary Officer examination can make use of the following information and choose the appropriate books and prepare well for forecoming bank po exams.

List of Bank po books are as follows:

1. Book Name : Bank probationary officers Exam
Author : V.V.K.Subburaj
Price : Rs.200/-
Book- Content : Bank probationary officers Exam Book contains Bank po examJuly 2000 to September 2008 bank PO original question papers included with detailed answers

2.Book Name : Bank probationary officers exam
Author : V.V.K Subburaj
Price : Rs.350/-
Book- Content : Previous year question papers with answers and general knowledge free booklet included

3 .Book Name : Bank PO & Specialist Officer Exam
Author: R.Gupta
Price: Rs.295/-
Book- Content : R.Gupta’s popular Master guide Bank PO and specialist officers recruitment exam conducted by various banks.

4. Book Name : Bank Examiner
Publisher: National Learning Corp
Author: Jack Rudman, National Learning Corporation,
Price :Rs.1518/-

5. Book Name : State Bank Probationary Officers Exam
Author : Dr. A.m. Malhotra & P.s. Bright
Price : Rs.480/-

6. Book Name : Upkar State Bank Probationary Officers Examination (solved Papers)
Author : Upkar
Price : Rs.85/-

7. Book Name : Pearson Guide to Bank Probationary Officer Recruitment Examinations
Author : Vandana Thorpe
Price : Rs.450/-

8. Book Name : Oswaal Chapter-Wise Solutions of BANK P.O. (10 Years Solved Papers)
Price : Rs. 319/-

9. Book Name : Rames Bank P.O. Officers Examination Guide
Author : RPH Editorial Board
Price : Rs.236/-

10 . Book Name : Upkars State Bank Probationary Officers Examination
Author: T.S.Jain
Price :Rs.351/-

11. Book Name : Ramesh Bank P. O. Prev. Solved Papers
Author : RPH Editorial Board
Price : Rs.120/-

12. Book Name : Upkars Quantitative Aptitude Test for Bank P.O. Cadre
Author : Dr. M. B. Lal
Price : Rs.172/-

13. Book Name : Bank Probationary Officer Exam Preparation Question Bank CD
Price : Rs.500/-

14. Book Name : Upkar – Banks Probationary Officer Exam
Author: T. S. Jain
Price : Rs. 270

15. Book Name : Bank Probationary Officer’s Guide
Author: Ravi Chopra
Price : Rs. 176/-


The list of Bank clerk examination book details are provided beneath.Candidates preparing for clerk exam in any Bank can read the following Bank clerk exam book s and prepare well for bank clerk examination.

1. Book Name : Banks clerk Examination:

Author :V.V.K.Subburaj

Price : Rs.220/-

Description: free booklet contaning question and answers for practice tests.

2. Book Name : SBI Bank Clerk’s Exam:

Author : V.V.K. Subburaj

Price : Rs. 200/-

Description : Previous year original question and answers included.

3. Book Name : Bank Clerk’s Recrutiment exam for Winners(original question papers and winners)

Author : V.V.K. Subburaj

Price : Rs. 40/-

Description: Fully solved bank clerk’s original question papers in all subjects like test

of reasoning ,English Language, quantitative aptitude

Most Recommended Bank clerk exam books:
These are some of the best books for Bank Clerical cadre examinations.

* Ramesh Bank Clerical Practice Work Book – by RPH Editorial Board (Rs. 190)
* Ramesh Bank Clerical Exam Solved Papers – by RPH Editorial Board (Rs. 110)
* Ramesh Bank Clerical Test Guide (Big) – by Anjani A Gupta (Rs. 195)
* Ramesh Bank Clerks Exam Guide (Small) – by Saurabh Sharma, Karan Dev (Rs. 140)
* Upkars Banks Recruitment Tests – by Khanna & Verma (Rs. 130)
* Upkars Bank Competitions – by T. S. Jain (Rs. 205)
* Upkars New Banks Recruitment Tests – by Dr. M. B. Lal & Bhatnagar (Rs. 140)
* Upkars Quicker Numerical Test for Bank Clerical Cadre – by Dr. M. B. Lal & Jain (Rs. 145)

Most Recommended Bank clerical Books :

4 . Book Name : Magical Book on Quicker Maths
Author – M.Tyra
Publisher – BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd., C-37 Ganesh Nagar, Pandav Nagar Complex, Delhi – 110092
Phone No. – 2210510, 2040669
website –

5. State Bank of India bank exams books:

Book Name : Upkar SBI Clerical Cadre Recruitment Exam.

Author :T.S.Jain

6. Sbi Clerical Cadre Guide Book: Sbi Clerical Cadre Guide
Author: New Light Publisher

Price: Rs.245/-

7. Book Name : Upkar – Bank’s Clerical Recruitment Tests

Author: Khana and Verma

Price : Rs.130/-

8. Book Name : Bank Clerical Test Guide(Big)

Author : Anjani A Gupta

Price :Rs.230 /-

9. Book Name : Bank Clerks Exam Guide(Small)

Author : Karan Dev

Price : Rs.140/-



BOOK NAME: Upkars Reserve Bank of India Grade-B Examination

Upkars Reserve Bank of India Grade-B Examination- Book is available in all book shops, interested candidates can buy the book from store and prepare well for exams. To buy books online click this link Upkars (RBI)Reserve Bank of India Grade-B Books.

Book Name: Ramesh RBI Grade B Officers Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board

Ramesh RBI Grade B Officers Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board –Book is available online, to buy the book online view the following link Ramesh RBI Grade B Officers Exam Guide and get more details about the book it will be really good to prepare for exams.

BOOK NAME:Ramesh IDBI/SIDBI Asst. Manager Guide

Ramesh IDBI/SIDBI Asst. Manager Guide will be more useful for candidates preparing for the Asst Manager post in bank . To know more about this book click the following link Ramesh IDBI/SIDBI Asst. Manager Guide

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